All White Pine Bath & Brew soaps are created by hand in small batches using local craft beers. The amino acids in hops are soothing for irritated skin. The brewer's yeast is loaded with biotin, pantothenic acid, and a number of other essential vitamins. Beer also creates a more luxurious lather. Besides, isn't everything better with a little beer?

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  • Kayte D

    "My house has literally never smelled better! We are so blown away by the quality and care that clearly go into each product and plan on gifting White Pine to friends who are starting new adventures as homeowners. 10/10 recommend. Will likely never buy soap from anywhere else ever again... no joke."
    Coffee Brew Bar 
  • Troy

    "[I] finished a beard product for the first time. This stuff is really phenomenal. Moisturizes and adds shine without being overly greasy or strong smelling."
    Maine Woodsman Beard Balm 
  • Krista M

    "My curly (3C) hair is super sensitive to soaps and shampoos that strip out the natural oils and leave it damaged and frizzy, but I can use White Pine Bath & Brew on both skin and hair, and I love the way it makes it feel clean but still healthy."
    Sea Salt & Clay 
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