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Lemongrass Shea & IPA - Set

Lemongrass Shea & IPA - Set

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Self-care meets sustainability! Grab this set for someone special or treat yourself to some luxurious self-care. This set is perfect for limiting waste, boosting sustainability, and extending the life of your soap. It includes:

  • Lemongrass Shea & IPA beer soap
  • Organic Cotton Soap-Saver Bag
  • Solid Wood Soap Dish

Lemongrass Shea & IPA beer soap is a long-standing favorite. Its bright, clean scent carries notes of lemongrass with just a hint of lavender. It is made with Stowaway, a classic IPA from Maine's own Baxter Brewing Co. The amino acids from hops are soothing for irritation while the brewer's yeast brings biotin, pantothenic acid, and other essential vitamins to the skin. The real shea butter in Lemongrass Shea & IPA beer soap helps to moisturize dry skin. A shower with this bar soap is the perfect way to start fresh!

The organic cotton soap bag brings a little extra luxury to the Lemongrass Shea & IPA set. Place the whole bar of soap into it and pull the drawstring to use like a washcloth. The gentle fibers of the cloth are pleasantly exfoliating while making the bar soap even easier to use! If you prefer to feel the pleasant slip of the bar soap directly, you can wait until it is nearly used up before placing the last bits of soap into the bag for continued use. This is a great way to get a little extra life out of every bar of soap while ensuring that nothing gets lost down the drain. Simply air dry the bag between uses and wash before refilling with a new soap.

The wooden soap dish is handmade in the USA and is perfect for use at any sink or vanity. The minimalist ridge design allows for proper airflow underneath the bar, preventing the soap from getting mushy, extending its life, and keeping the surface of your vanity tidy. The hydrophobic wood is resistant to rot. For best results, use the dish for 2-3 weeks at a time before allowing it to fully dry out between next use.

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