• Olivia Boi

    "White Pine Bath & Brew is my favorite soap I have ever used!!!! Seriously I look for Elaine at the craft shows. I stock up when I see her cause it’s really that good. The way the soap leaves your skin super soft and the smells she creates are some of my favorite things about the experience. Do yourself a favor and go order a bunch of soap right now. You will long for it once your finished, I promise !!!!

    Your biggest fan <3"
    Kettle Rose 
  • Troy

    "[I] finished a beard product for the first time. This stuff is really phenomenal. Moisturizes and adds shine without being overly greasy or strong smelling."
    Beard Balm - Maine Woodsman 
  • Patricia Laperriere

    "I wanted to share that my four young adult grandsons loved their soaps! I became the ‘cool’ grandmother this Christmas. No socks & pj’s for my boys! lol Thanks again for your wonderful products."
  • Sabina Hitchen

    "I became obsessed with White Pine Bath & Brew…her product is so good! Her story is so good! [She makes] soap from beer, and my skin has never felt better! I never thought I’d use actual bar soap again, and I love it!"
    Kettle Rose 
  • Krista M

    "My curly (3C) hair is super sensitive to soaps and shampoos that strip out the natural oils and leave it damaged and frizzy, but I can use White Pine Bath & Brew on both skin and hair, and I love the way it makes it feel clean but still healthy."
    Sea Salt & Clay 
  • Kim McCarthy, Portfire Events

    "Simply amazing! Our company ordered two different scents of soap for a company retreat and everyone LOVED them! Elaine went above and beyond to ensure that our team was happy. Her soaps are luxurious and smell amazing. I can't wait to work with White Pine Bath & Brew again!"
    Lemongrass Shea & IPA 
  • Aiden K

    "I love the scents used in these soaps!! Not to mention when I went awhile without them, my skin started breaking out! Them some real soaps."
    Coffee Brew Bar 
  • Kayte Demont

    "My house has literally never smelled better! We are so blown away by the quality and care that clearly go into each product and plan on gifting White Pine to friends who are starting new adventures as homeowners. 10/10 recommend. Will likely never buy soap from anywhere else ever again... no joke."
    Coffee Brew Bar 
  • Aaron Barker

    "I like it. It suds really well. A little goes a long way. And it smells nice. My wife compliments me (more after I shower)."
    Dark & Stormy 
  • Crystal Kepler

    "I love the creaminess of the soap and how it doesn’t dry out my skin. I would highly recommend White Pine Bath & Brew!"
  • Joey Harwood

    "Smells good, and I find it amusing to tell people they're washing their hands with beer!"
    Maine Woodsman 
  • Shane Parris

    "Frikkin loveee the soappp. That’s the first soap I’ve found that can clean my oily skin."
    Lemongrass Shea & IPA 
  • Karie Bavuso

    "Smells amazing -- like the best things of autumn encapsulated in a bar of soap. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth, which is something I've been struggling to achieve thus far in 2020 with all our extra hand washing. I'd buy again, and I'm willing to try out this shop's other scents in the future. Also, the order was processed and shipped quickly."
    Baked Apples & Ale 
  • Ashley Smith

    "Seriously loved the smell of these soaps from White Pine Bath & Brew. The Kettle Rose bar is my personal favorite!"
    Kettle Rose 
  • Katie Nelson

    "Lovely scents and great skin feel! Looking forward to trying more of their products!"
    Coffee Brew Bar 
  • John Reed

    "Unique gift. Exceptional display wrapping. Wonderful aroma & great Service."
    Jasmine Shea & IPA 
  • Mike Lamberti

    "I love your Maine Woodsman beard oil. I have a wicked scraggly beard, and your oil is the perfect consistency—not too thick, not too loose. Helps keep the beard hydrated for the long hours I put in the wood shop."
    Beard Oil - Maine Woodsman 
  • Sharie Pillsbury

    "Wonderful product - feels great on our skin, fragrance is awesome too!"
    Baked Apples & Ale 
  • Virginia Wingertsahn

    "I love everything about the soaps I purchased. The scents are lovely, and there is just the right amount of oils to make my skin feel smooth. I have also gifted a few bars and the recipients loved the soap as well. The purchasing experience was easy to navigate and the owner was so helpful. This will be the new soap in our household."
    Beer & Christmas Cheer 
  • Kristen Lindquist

    "Love the scents, great quality soaps!"