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Beard Balm - Maine Woodsman

Beard Balm - Maine Woodsman

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Maine Woodsman beard balm carries notes of fir, patchouli, and juniper. Much like beard oil, our beard balms will moisturize and soften dry skin and hair follicles. However, beard balm can also be used to tame and style unruly beards. It is carefully balanced to keep your pores from feeling greasy or clogged with residue.

Beard balm is a great choice for medium to long beards because it is designed to help you control the shape and frizz of your beard as you grow it out.

To use, warm/soften a pea-sized amount of balm between your fingers before working it through your beard to provide shape and direction. Repeat as needed.

We recommend applying beard balm once daily after showering.

All White Pine Bath & Brew beard balm is vegan and palm oil free.

2 oz.

*Due to select essential oils: do not use while pregnant or if you have kidney problems.

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