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Dark & Stormy

Dark & Stormy

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Whether you love the Dark & Stormy cocktail or just miss the childhood nostalgia of cracking open a fresh bottle of a ginger ale, you will love the Dark & Stormy beer soap. Enjoy the bright, earthy scent notes of lime and ginger in this handcrafted bar soap. The activated charcoal in this soap draws out dirt and impurities from the skin while naturally giving this soap its moody color. Enjoy the extra boost of amino acids and vitamins from the local craft beer used in this soap. This soap is handcrafted using local Dark & Foamy amber ale, brewed with real ginger from Foulmouthed Brewing in South Portland, ME. 

All White Pine Bath & Brew beer soap bars are hand-crafted in small batches using local Maine beer. It is also vegan and free of palm oil!

Beer is said to be beneficial for the skin because it contains brewers’ yeast and hops. The amino acids in hops can soothe irritated skin. The brewers’ yeast is loaded with riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and a number of other essential B vitamins. Thus both hops and brewers’ yeast can contribute to a more cleansing and nourishing bar of soap.
Besides, isn’t everything better with a little beer?

Get it while you can - This seasonal soap won't be here forever!

4 oz.
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