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Cocoa Butter Bar - Fragrance Free - (Gluten Free Beer)

Cocoa Butter Bar - Fragrance Free - (Gluten Free Beer)

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This version of Cocoa Butter Bar is made with gluten free beer

Special thanks to our friends at Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. As Maine's first dedicated gluten free brewery, Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. has pioneered gluten free and gluten sensitive options in the craft beer communities! We are proud to use their American Pale Ale, Columbidae, to bring you this specialty beer soap.

Do you like to keep your skincare simple? Well, it doesn't get any simpler than the Cocoa Butter Bar beer soap! These fragrance-free bars are created without the use of either fragrance oils or essential oils. Even the beer used is gluten free! Thus, you can enjoy the cleansing and moisturizing power of our cocoa butter soaps without worrying about how your skin will react to any scent additives! The real cocoa butter, containing linoleic acid, arachidic acid, and palmitic acid, helps lock in moisture to prevent dry, flaky skin. Excellent for dry to balanced skin, this soap will leave you feeling cleansed without stripping your natural oils. This version of the Cocoa Butter Bar is made with the gluten free beer Columbidae from Maine's first, dedicated gluten free brewery! The amino acids from hops are soothing for irritation while the brewer's yeast brings biotin, pantothenic acid, and other essential vitamins to the skin.

All White Pine Bath & Brew beer soap bars are hand-crafted in small batches using local Maine beer. It is also vegan and free of palm oil!

4 oz.

*Soap not made in a dedicated gluten free facility

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