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American Blonde

American Blonde

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American Blonde beer soap is a seasonal beer soap for welcoming summer! Enjoy energizing and uplifting notes of citrus, mint, and vanilla. American Blonde beer soap is named partially for the beer that was used and partially for the soaper's sister who inspired the specific fragrance blend.

First of its kind, this soap was crafted with Kit NA Brewing's flagship, non-alcoholic American blonde ale, On Your Mark. Not only is this beer non-alcoholic, but it was also crafted to remove gluten. The amino acids from hops are soothing for irritation while the brewer's yeast brings biotin, pantothenic acid, and other essential vitamins to the skin. The creation of this soap is particularly meaningful as it represents and includes a specific community within Maine's microbrewing sphere - the sober community. While all White Pine Bath & Brew soap is alcohol-free, we were excited to partner specifically with Kit NA Brewing - Maine's first non-alcoholic craft brewery. We love their commitment to making true craft beer without the alcohol - to be enjoyed by anyone at any time.

All White Pine Bath & Brew beer soap bars are hand-crafted in small batches using local Maine beer. It is also vegan and free of palm oil!

Get it while you can - This seasonal soap won't be here forever!

4 oz.

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